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Behavior Treatment & Analysis .Inc, holds events in different cities, community centers, schools, institutions, etc. to provide information to families about behavioral disorders, neurodivergent problems, ABA therapies, evaluations for children, skill development, among others. Also how to apply to the different help programs, to ensure that patients reach their maximum potential.

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World Autism Awareness Day

ABA Services and Support for Child Development

In our experience as a company that provides ABA services and child development therapies, we have realized the great need for information that exists in the community. Many parents should know a little more about behavioral disorders, understand why their children are not doing well in school, and many times it is due to a lack of information, we have noticed that even in schools they need to update their knowledge about these behavioral issues and how to solve them. At BTA we want to provide the Hispanic community and different sectors of society with the information they need to help children who have some type of behavioral problems or learning problems.

Knowing this need, BTA, as a company, is committed to our community to provide them with all the information they need, which is why we have decided to approach our community and provide them with the information they need, through events, videos, interviews, podcasts, etc.

Who is Jorge Rojas?

Jorge Rojas is our community outreach and outreach representative and specialist in attracting new clients. He will be visiting different cities and communities, accompanied by professionals in the area, to provide them with information about ABA therapies and how to apply for a program.

Jorge will be one of the hosts in the second season of our Amplifying Voices podcast, in which we will develop important topics about behavioral problems, neuro-divergent problems, through interviews, tips, information, videos, etc.


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