Behavior Treatment & Analysis

We are a company dedicated to helping children reach their greatest potential. BTA specializes in providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy to children with neurodivergent conditions and behavioral disorders. Each client we work with is unique, and their treatment programs reflect that. Our team of clinical experts evaluates clients and develops the best-personalized treatment programs for every child. Clinical programs work on the motor, social, cognitive, and communication skills in order to give our clients and their families the confidence to navigate life.

Our Specialities

We offer services to clients with a variety of developmental disorders including:

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Dyslexia
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Learning Disorder
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Communication Disorder

Our Services

At BTA, we pride ourselves on the array of services delivered to our clients. We provide a variety of behavioral health services, based on evidence-based ABA techniques, to children 15 months to 18 years old who are diagnosed with one or more developmental disorders. Our services include:

  • ABA Clinical Assessments
  • ABA Therapy 
  • Independent Living Skills Acquisition
  • Community Safety Skills Training 
  • Maladaptive Behavioral Reduction Programs
  • Parent and Family Training


How to start therapy with us

We are excited to start this journey with you and are there for you every step of the way! Here’s how to get started.

Obtain a diagnosis from your primary care provider, psychologist/psychiatrist, or an official diagnosis center.
Unfortunately, we do not provide diagnoses, but we can guide you to receive one.
Your provider or insurance can send our company a referral for your child’s case, or they may have you contact us directly.

After you receive your child’s diagnosis.
Call us at our Walnut Creek Office: (925) 465-1585 Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.
E-mail us at [email protected]

One of our team members will set up an initial appointment with you to discuss your child’s needs, insurance coverage, and next steps.​

If you have an insurance company that is not listed above as one we are in network with, don’t panic! We are ready to start new relationships with different insurance companies and would love to discuss options with you.



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So pleased with this clinic and I highly recommend them. They doing a good job.
Alina Vargas
Alina Vargas
26. September, 2018.
Thanks, Amy and Robert for you comment, every day we strive more to give you a good service
26. September, 2018.
My daughter, who has Autism, currently receives ABA therapy at this center. When she first started her ABA therapy, she had huge social deficits, . She is now very affectionate. Thanks BTA
Roberto Rios
Roberto Rios
26. September, 2018.
My son was diagnosed with HD and I was referred to BTA From assessment to services, the people at BTA have been consummate professionals. The analyst on my case provided my husband and I with the tools we needed to continue the behavior modification that the registered behavior technician implemented with our child. This has been a very good experience for my family. I was put at ease that BTA will work with my son and they have done a tremendous job thus far. I am so glad I chose BTA for my son ABA Therapy!
Amy Stancy
Amy Stancy
26. September, 2018.
Very professional service
Vanessa Oguntokun
Vanessa Oguntokun
22. March, 2018.
Thanks for your services you`r very professionals.!
8. January, 2018.
Behavior Treatment &Analysis, Inc provide Behavioral Health Treatment services, based in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), to infants, children and adolescents under 21 years of age, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In order to prevent or minimize the adverse effects of ASD and promote, to the maximum extent practicable, the functioning of a beneficiary.
Juan W Lezameta
Juan W Lezameta
5. January, 2018.

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Our constant research has led us in developing a set of special tools for ABA therapies, these tools continue to consistently be updated by our developers. The necessary tests have been performed, and currently some tools of this system are used by our therapists, showing positive results in aid of ABA therapies. The goal of creating this technology is to enable patients to reach their full potential. The development has been carried out by a team of psychologists, BCBA, therapists and professionals with experience in technology, design, administration, operations, etc.

ABA SYSTEM is a set of tools specially created to support ABA therapies, the system consists of specific exercises and materials, divided into different categories and domains. The purpose of the system is to help patients and ABA therapy professionals achieve the goals set out in the evaluation data. The tools are customized according to the skills of each patient and the objectives are established according to the level and type of autism, the possibilities of development of the family and the social environment of each patient; taking into account the goal of having them prepared with enough skills to solve the problems that daily life will bring them in the future.