Whether you were informed by a professional of the areas like education, health, social work, psychology or any other related to the education and behavior; that your child needs a diagnosis to establish Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Or your child is already diagnosed and needs an initial assessment, or you are just looking for therapy, do not hesitate to contact us through:


1. You can visit us any time at the nearest facility to your home from Monday to Saturday, and from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


2. Email us at: a professional from our staff will return your inquiry request within our business hours, or the next business day. You can also fill out our Contact Us Form, provided in our website and leave us a message there.


An appointment will be set in which one of our professionals will guide you on the next steps, after discussing the stage at that moment. After that, we will help you to begin ABA therapy with us by reviewing your insurance provider or setting up the most convenient out of pocket agreement with you.


BTA is partnered with CCHP, Cigna, Magellan Healthcare and Anthem - BlueCross - BlueShield; other insurance companies are coming soon. If you have an insurance company not listed in our records, do not panic! We are willing to start new relationships and of course, to lead you in the steps needed



BTA has adapted a set of tools called ABA SYSTEM (this will be a continuous project) which is a helping system of tools to be combined with ABA Therapy. The specific tools that are included in ABA SYSTEM are paired with the goals set by the functional assessment. These tools will be used according to the individual needs of each patient...

We are also using the available online resources, as there are extraordinary efforts from the government, private companies, researches, practitioners, etc. We are working in the inclusion of avant-garde technologies in the therapies process; so far, one tool that has a positive impact in education is CODE...